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Our quizzes are simple.


20 multiple choice questions
10 seconds to answer each question
15 seconds between questions, with fun facts and an overall leaderboard displayed


5 points for each correct answer
0 points for any incorrect answers
+3 bonus points for fastest correct answer (each question)
+2 bonus points for 2nd fastest correct answer (each question)
+1 bonus points for 3rd fastest correct answer (each question)


The player with the highest score after 20 questions will win. If anyone is tied – whoever was quickest in answering all 20 questions will finish higher on the leaderboard.


Our prize model is simple; the more players that you beat, the bigger the cash prize you win! It’s £2.50 to play, and it’s all about trying to secure a top-four finish, with £20, £10, £7.50, and £5 the prizes if 1-25 people play. If 26-50 players take part, the top four take home £30, £15, £10, and £5 respectively. 51-100 participants yield £50, £25, £15 and £10, while 101-200 sees 1st take £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £25, and 4th £10. As if that isn’t enough, all quizzes of up to 50 participants see every player that correctly answers 15 or more of the 20 questions entered into a draw to win £5, as does every player that correctly answers question 20 itself. 51-100 sign-ups sees two players win £5 from each of those draws, while 101-200 sign-ups results in three lucky £5 winners from each draw. Please note that winnings can only be paid into UK bank accounts.

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